About Vulcan Global


 Vulcan Global are a dynamic fast growing data centre solutions company who design and build high quality air containment solutions for the data centre.

Headquartered in the UK with design engineering, manufacturing and sales distribution facilities in Fleet UK, Utrecht The Netherlands and Nevada USA our team of local experts can service your data Centre requirements across the UK, EMEA and North America.

All of our containment products are built using the highest quality aluminium and we match this with our heat resistant crystal clear polycarbonate windows to ensure lux levels are kept to the maximum within the space. We understand that the data centre industry moves very quickly and requirements sometimes present themselves at short notice. We have the capacity and ability to fulfil last minute requirements, yet with the same emphasis on quality, cost and aesthetics that we command, and you expect.

Vulcan HAC / CAC Features

 High performance, low maintenance & highly aesthetical systems.

Our HAC & CAC solutions are designed in-house and are based completely around the space that is available. With our unique system and in house design capability we can build a containment system either suspended from the ceiling or built up from the floor. We install a high quality brush at high level to seal the cabinets as soon as they are rolled into the suite or pod. Where required we provide full height clear cabinet replacement blanks.

In addition, we  provide various different door options such as full width single or dual sliding, with self-closing mechanism. We can also provide smart access control solutions if required. Our solution can fit around traditional server cabinets or open framed rack solutions. We can even design our clear windows with sealed access holes to allow for fibre ducting or cable containment to pass through. Using our custom designed panels designed to fit around your space, we can work around virtually any obstruction or rack landscape.

Our Team

  “In any successful business people come first”
Richard Branson CEO Virgin Corp

 Vulcan Global is a growing organisation whose vision for the future is to be both an employer of choice and partner of choice to our customers and vendors.

Vulcan Global has a solid and experienced management team, with an average of more than 20 years of data centre industry experience. The management is respected and acknowledged by all the staff and together they enjoy a great working rapport.
Our aim is to provide a global environment where staff irrespective of gender, race, nationality or opinion are listened to, respected, congratulated, rewarded and helped to reach their full potential; providing excellence in all they do.
By providing this environment we hope our people who are among the most creative and innovative in the data centre space, that they can continue to create and develop their great ideas and turn them into revolutionary solutions for the world market.
Vulcan Global are committed to providing each person with opportunities to develop to their highest potential, because our people make our innovations possible.

Products & Services

Vulcan Global provide high quality, innovative products for data centre applications enabling people around the world to live their lives at the press of a button.

 Vulcan Global have built an extensive range of products and services that have been designed and developed based on years of experience working in the data centre environment.

Product Range

  • Cabinets
• Rack Systems
• PDU’s
• Containment Doors
• Containment Panels
• Containment Roof Systems
• Customised Solutions


Service Offering

  • Pre Site Assessment
• SOLIDWORKS drawings & designs
• Bill of Materials
• Air Flow Management
• Installation
• Maintenance Services
• Emergency Call Out


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